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                                                                    Breeders' Cup
2020 BC Coverage
I'll be posting my annual Breeders' Cup picks in my "Tuley's Thoroughbred Takes" column at VSiN.com (it's also on the dedicated horse racing page at VSiN.com/horses)


South Point:
Ralph Siraco, Jon Lindo and Richard Eng. 6 p.m.

Rampart: Duane Colucci and Bob Ike, 6 p.m. (plus raffle)

Tuley's BC winners
through the years

   I've had a lot of success on the Breeders' Cup since moving to Las Vegas in late 1998. I started in the pages of GamingToday (a weekly newspapers here in town) and have publicly picked every BC race since then including 1999 at GT, then in DRF as well as on radio shows and seminars around Vegas through the years, then Bodog/Bovada as well as on ViewFromVegas.com since 2007, and then ESPN.com/chalk in 2015-16 and at VSiN.com in 2017.
    Note: Some people give a 1-2-3 listing like I do in the link above and then say "I had the winner" if any of those come in, but I just base my record on my top value pick and let it speak for itself (for instance, I had Mizdirection and Trinniberg listed as "longshot" plays in 2012, but they weren't my top choice so I'm not including them here, and the same with Caledonia Road and Wuheida this year).
    All my top picks have been the same in all outlets and during that time there have been 212 races (8 races a year from 1999 through 2006; 11 in 2007; 14 in 2008-2010; 15 in 2011-2012; 13 in 2013-2017). A flat $2 win bet on my top selection in each race would have cost $424 and resulted in payoffs of $662.20, or $3.12 for every $2 wagered. You'll note that of those 212 races, I've had just 17 winners (8%) and just under an average of 1 per year, which just goes to show the BC offers tremendous betting value as one winner can make your whole weekend.

Year Horse Win
2017 Battle of Midway  $30.40
2017 Talismanic $30.20
2016 ---------- -----
2015 ---------- -----
2014 Take Charge Brandi $125.40
2014 Hootenanny  $14.00 
2013  ----------  ----- 
2012  ----------  ----- 
2011  Amazombie  $17.80 
2010  Dangerous Midge  $19.00 
2010  Big Drama  $12.40 
2010  More Than Real $29.20 
2009  Life is Sweet  $18.20 
2008  ----------  ----- 
2007  English Channel    $8.00 
2006  Miesque's Approval $50.60 
2005  ----------  -----
2004 Wilko  $58.60 
2003  Six Perfections  $12.60
2002 Volponi  $89.00 
2002  Domedriver  $54.00 
2001  Tempera $25.80 
2000  ----------  ----- 
1999  Cash Run  $67.00